Great Food with a Stunning View: What to Eat at Priest Lake

If you're planning a trip to Priest Lake, make sure you 1) bring your stretchy pants, and 2) make plans to dine out. Why? Because the food here is consistently ahh-mazing!

Classic Benny with Spinach, The Hills Resort

We were so stunned by the jaw-dropping, natural beauty of Priest Lake, Idaho that we fully expected the local resort food to be relatively unimaginative and overpriced. I mean, why not? People come for the gorgeous scenery, so why put a lot of effort into high-quality food? People will pay for it either way.

We were pleasantly surprised, however, and continuously found ourselves looking forward to our next meal out!


A great way to start your vacation day on the lake? Try the Classic Benny (pictured above) from The Hills Resort. Or maybe the Cowboy Benny featuring sausage gravy instead of hollandaise (oh yes we did!).

Cowboy Benny, The Hills Resort

Pair that with a Huckleberry Mimosa, and you're more than set to lounge in the sun for a few lazy hours.

At Elkins Lodge, our server was 100% right when he recommended the Log Cabin Scrambler. The sour cream added to the scrambled eggs is a trick I will totally use from now on!

Lunch or Apps

This line-up is not your average boring lunch or bar food. For a big lunch, some big hits at Elkins Resort are the French Dip and the Elkins Burger.

When looking at the appetizers, make sure to order the Tempura Shrimp, and do not miss the Idaho Nachos. Salty, cheesy goodness. Every single time we were confident we couldn't finish it. But turns out we were wrong - we couldn't stop until it was gone!

Idaho Nachos, Elkins Resort
Tempura Shrimp, Elkins Resort


For dinner on the lake, you can choose either casual setting, fine dining, or just stick with the bar menu.

On the casual side (where I usually end up, because you know, budgets), make sure you order the Elkins Resort Bruschetta Flatbread, which also appears on the appetizer menu.

Look at that garlic - I mean, come on!

Bruschetta Flatbread, Elkins Resort

But wait, that's not the only pizza available! There's actually a great variety.

The Mt. Roothan (white sauce, pear, fig jam, gorgonzola crumble, truffled arugula, white balsamic reduction), the Elkins House (red sauce, fresh mozzarella and mascarpone, fennel sausage, Mama Lil's peppers, caramelized onion, oregano), and many more. Are you hungry yet?