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About me.

You know those occasional moments in your life when you list all the things you love and are truly passionate about? Some of us have had more of these than others, yes, but mine have always been the following, in no specific order: Travel. People. Food. Philanthropy. Design. Which is why everything I've done professionally has revolved around these five things.

That degree in Interior Architecture? So I could design gorgeous spaces and travel to other gorgeous spaces. My career as a real estate broker? So I could help my amazing clients buy and sell wonderfully-designed homes of their dreams, while giving me flexibility to travel for pleasure and philanthropy. And that children's cooking school?? So I could teach little people the endless beauty of amazing food, history, and cultures all over the world... yes yes, also in hopes of adventuring to those places we studied.


But really, no matter what I'm doing, I love nothing more than to pass on to others any helpful nuggets I've gathered along the way. Thank you for reading, and wishing YOU your own wonderful adventures!

Why the name.

Why the name.

“Wow, I can’t believe you’re in town. Are you just here on a layover?”

These were the snarky words I heard when I showed up to an annual family function a few years ago. The comment was made in good humor and got several laughs because it was actually pretty spot on.

I had managed to incorporate travel – both recreational and volunteer travel - into my life so much that I appeared to be on an exciting global adventure most of the time.

No, I did not win the lottery. Yes, I still worked very hard to earn a living. But, even so, travel and volunteering have always been massive priorities of mine. And I had developed multiple ways to bring those priorities to life.

I truly believe travel is so much more than simply sightseeing. Travel, and all the things you learn from it, can really change your life. It definitely has mine.

Simply put, I travel to grow as a person. To meet other humans who inspire and educate me. To have my life enriched by the diversity and stunning beauty of this fantastic world, and to have my eyes, mind, and heart opened wide.

I travel to give back. I know I have been blessed, and it’s important to me to show that appreciation by giving selflessly to others, in any large or small ways that I can.


But most of all, I travel to celebrate life’s greatest luxury: time! I want to make the most of my time here, because who knows how long we have. 

I mean, if you think about it… we’re really all here on a layover (see what I did there)… so I wouldn't live it any other way!

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