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Giving back.

I admit it. I really do like people. Yes, some people suck, but more often than not people are good and inspiring, and they often surprise us. Like this incredible woman I met in rural Dominican Republic. How amazing is she?!? I loved her immediately.


I also like helping people, even if all I'm doing is making their day a little brighter. And we really have no excuses for not "doing good", right? All of us can give back on some level, whether it be across the globe, or right around the corner.

The causes most near and dear to my heart? S.M.A.R.T. of Oregon, Friends of the Children, Project Lemonade, Loaves & Fishes, and Urban Gleaners.


But I could never leave out the incredible Hawaiian Eye Foundation, which has allowed me the opportunity to travel all over the world assisting the amazing Dr. Jeffrey Rutgard.

Want to learn more about the impact made during our medical mission trips? Check out the videos I've made highlighting each trip.

Beautiful old woman, mission trip, Dominican Republic
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