15 Gorgeous Destination Movies You'll Want to Watch Right Now

This social distancing is a struggle. But what a great excuse to watch great movies! Those of us who love to travel may not be able to do so for a while, but we can still travel to distant lands - through film.

As is the case for many of us, my love for travel was first born out of the cinema (specifically, the first film shown below).

Over the years I've watched many movies that were filmed in beautiful locations around the world. Doing this helped me decide where I wanted to travel, as well as helped pass the time while I waited to visit in real life! I now carry close to my heart my shortlist of favorite "destination movies": those works of art that are filmed in exquisite parts of the planet. And I seriously can't think of a better time to share them with you.

Drama, suspense, comedy, cheesy love stories. Award winners and cheap B-flicks. G-rated to almost X-rated. Yes, there actually is something for everyone here. Listed in no particular order. So choose your favorite, settle in on the sofa and be swept away to a gorgeous locale from the comfort of your own home.

Summer Lovers

Location: Santorini, Greece

I first saw this movie when I was 15 years old and it changed my life forever. It’s the single first moment I knew I had to travel. Definitely no awards were won for this movie, and sure, there’s some pretty rough acting (Darryl Hannah in her first film ever, and Peter Gallagher). There’s a ton of European beach nudity, and yes, a "thrupple" situation, which at 15 I thought was damn groundbreaking. The biggest draw? The absolutely stunning location of filming: Santorini, Greece.

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Santorini. Well… THIS movie is where it all began. (1982, Rated R) Purchase at Amazon Prime.

Life is Beautiful

Location: Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

This is an extremely powerful movie, and personally it has had a very big impact on me as a parent. So much joy and wonder and love here (I’m actually getting choked up once again thinking about it).

This brilliant movie won tons of awards, and deservedly so. The incredibly talented Roberto Benigni co-wrote it then won an Oscar for best actor. Watch it till the very end. You will be so glad you did. (1998, Rated PG-13) Rent on Amazon Prime.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Location: Midi-Pyrénées and Paris, France

We watched this film as a family one night a few years ago. It immediately became one of our family’s ALL-TIME favorites.

It's based on a 2010 novel by Richard C. Morais, which upon release became an immediate best seller. There’s humor, adventure, drama, suspense, and a whole lot of delicious and beautiful FOOD! (2014, Rated PG)