COVID-19: Nineteen Ways You Can Make a Difference Right Now

What can we be doing to help others in this stressful and scary time? Here are 19 ways we can all make a positive impact.

All loaded up and ready for my Meals on Wheels weekly route, and thankful for my wagon!

So it’s now Day 4,273 of social distancing. Give or take. What can we be doing to help others in this stressful and scary time? Well, simply put: we can volunteer our time, and we can donate to organizations that help those that need it most.

I’ve made a list of some easy ways we can all make a significant impact (yes, there are countless ways, but this is a solid start). Please do what you can, and thank you for staying home!

Giving Your Time:

1. Check in on your neighbors.

Look out for your neighbors that are part of the most vulnerable members of your community. This includes the elderly, but remember your other neighbors as well. Volunteering to do simple tasks — like helping out with errands or doing some grocery shopping — can go a long way for those who may be in quarantine or have a compromised immune system.

2. Reach out to people you know in self-isolation.

Call them. Video chat with them. Send them a quick text to just say hello. Help them feel less alone and show social support.

3. Counter racist fears and xenophobia.

Diseases can make anyone sick regardless of their origin or ethnicity. Help stop the anxiety and abuse by educating people and correcting racist comments or behavior when you hear or see them.

4. Donate blood.

There is a significant blood shortage right now and high demand for blood. Organized blood drives have been shut down for the time being, but a lot of donor centers are still open and increasing efforts to keep their facilities safe and sanitized to ensure everyone’s health and safety. If you’re healthy, consider donating. For more info go to Red Cross.

5. Volunteer with Meals on Wheels America.

This is the only federally supported program explicitly designed to meet the nutritional and social needs of seniors. Together, volunteers deliver 220 million meals each year to 2.4 million seniors. You can sign up to deliver meals or donate here.

6. Licensed health care professionals can volunteer.

To get information on eligibility, view credential levels that are required by clinical competency, and register at the Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals in your state.

7. Donate medical supplies or equipment.

Provide details on what you are offering through online medical supplies and equipment form here.

8. Donate your unused belongings.

Use this time to thin out your closet and home and donate your gently used clothing and belongings to those in need. Check your local Salvation Army.

9. Have you recovered from COVID-19?

Here’s one way you might be able to help others.