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6 Reasons You Need to Visit Beautiful Sayulita, Mexico

Almost everywhere you look in Sayulita there is color! Here are 6 things you cannot miss while visiting this super cool, quaint and charming little town just north of Puerto Vallarta.

The first time I visited Sayulita was in 2010, and immediately I understood what others were raving about. It was adorable. Small, quaint, very colorful, and each person we met was so friendly. People were lounging on the beach and chatting casually along the streets in the cafes, happy music floating through the air. The beach was also small, and the homes, shops, and restaurants were all tucked in close together.

We only had time to spend that one long afternoon exploring the little town, but we all just loved it. We made a promise to each other that one day all of us would return. As the years went by, though, I worried whether or not it would be as idyllic as I remembered. I probably imagined some of that, right?

Well, I did NOT. And today it's as colorful and lively as ever! Located about 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, the town has grown due to its charm and popularity, and aside from some ongoing sanitation issues they're working hard to combat, this little place is truly worth your time. It's also an Instagram-worthy photo everywhere you turn! To get the most out of your Sayulita holiday, here are my top six things you must do.

Sayulita Mexico church downtown flags beautiful
Downtown Sayulita church - photo credit @lwsantos

1. Explore Downtown Sayulita

There's something colorful around every corner in the downtown core of town, and your best bet is to set out on foot and just wander. Great restaurants, bars, and tons of vendors are quite happy to sell you whatever you want to buy. Don't worry, it will not take you long to cover the whole area!

Sayulita Mexico downtown street tourist visit
Sayulita's signature style: colorful flags strung across the streets. Photo credit @bethmacie
Sayulita Mexico downtown letters tourist travel
Downtown Sayulita's colorful style is everywhere
Sayulita Mexico street downtown shopping
So many trinkets, so little time...

2. Explore the Neighborhoods

Get off the beaten track and wander up into the sloped streets to the quiet neighborhoods. The variety of colors in the homes and yard decorations is very creative, and the use of colorful paint throughout is gorgeous!

Sayulita Mexico volkswagen bug downtown
Dreaming in Technicolor - everywhere you turn there's something brightly painted! Photo credit @bethmacie
Sayulita Mexico downtown house door painted casa love
Knocking on Love's Door - photo credit @bethmacie

3. Hit the Beach

Nobody goes to Mexico to avoid the ocean, am I right? As I mentioned earlier and is quite well known, there can be some issues with the cleanliness of the ocean water in Sayulita. This great little town has simply become too famous for its own good. But that does not mean that the adjacent beaches are off-limits too!

Just do your homework and hit the beach in a nearby clean area. Local authorities are working hard to keep the area safe for everyone, and updates are frequently posted about water quality. So check them - when you visit, there may be no issue at all. Of course, there are several beaches around Sayulita that are just gorgeous and are wonderful choices for you to spend your afternoon.

When you arrive in Sayulita, just ask a trustworthy local which they would recommend for you. They will absolutely point you in the right direction.

4. Take a Day Trip Out to Sea

Get a different perspective and hit the high seas! AllyCat Charters took our whole group out for a fantastic day on the ocean on their Fat Cat, a 60-foot luxury catamaran.

We visited Las Marietas Islands, see some Blue Footed Boobies (those are birds, excuse you), met other travelers, and had a ton of fun onboard. Two thumbs up!

5. Eat, eat!

So many great restaurants and food options! Absolutely do not miss Burrito Revolution, a local favorite that was actually first recommended to me back in 2010 and continues to be a big hit with locals and tourists alike. Huge, delicious burritos at a super reasonable price.

Also, make sure to stop in at La Katrina Restaurant & Bar - and tell Martin that our wild and crazy group sent you (and maybe thank him again for saving our bacon in that golf cart mishap with the police...). He is the owner of La Katrina and was also our host at the amazing rental home we stayed in. He was absolutely fantastic and works so hard, taking care of everything and everyone all at the same time.

Like yourself a little sip of tequila? Then definitely make sure you spend some time at El Conejo Tasting Room and Restaurant, the flagship location of Suerte tequila. Classy, beautiful space (with a rooftop bar!), and food and service is outstanding. Before you go, check their entertainment schedule to make sure there's live music. They offer it frequently, and everyone knows that live music makes every dining/sipping experience better!

6. Take It All In

When I'm on vacation, I tend to be on the move a lot, trying to soak up as much of the local energy and vibe as possible (my travel companions may tell you I get a teensy bit annoying this way and I do work on this). Sometimes it's good to remind yourself to just chill... the heck... out. While there are lots of fun things to do, see, eat, and drink around the area, make sure you leave yourself some time to sit and be quiet and enjoy the beauty of this place. Because it's really quite stunning. Every single night during my time in Sayulita, I look forward to sunset. And every single night, it's different! And the view from our rental home could not have been better. Yes, life is very good indeed.

Sayulita Mexico sunset
It doesn't get much better than this. Sayulita, Mexico

Have you been to lovely Sayulita and have some recommendations that I have missed? Please let me know! I'm truly interested in your input and suggestions because I will definitely be back. Happy travels!



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